Adam Axford is a fulltime professional magician and mentalist based in Sydney. Fully insured with 12 years of international experience and thousands of bookings, Adam’s contagious energy, sophisticated style and sharp-witted delivery place him amongst the highest caliber of entertainers.

Each breathtaking piece of magic is fully interactive, refined to perfection and entrenched in meaning. Adam’s values shine through his work, inspiring others with ideas of travel, sustainability, technology and human connection. 

"I'm not here to prove that magic is real, I'm here to show you that it can be"


Perfecting my craft on the streets of East London, my teens were spent working as a market trader. These hand-to-hand entrepreneurial endeavours refined my confident command over crowds and a fortunate "gift of the gab".

My twenties allowed for global travel, with multiple oversea stints nurturing a passion for freedom. I trained and practiced as a hypnotherapist and am a qualified practitioner of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming).

Personal intrigues range from the esoteric, such as shamanism, alchemy and philosophy, to mixed martial arts, urban poetry 
and revolution. Somehow these contrasting elements complement each other and are reflected in all that I do.