Adding Value

Since 2007 Adam has worked with global brands, world banks and international events delivering a unique attitude of magic and mind-reading. Whether you need a Keynote Entertainer or Roving Engagement, his work inspires new ways of thinking. BOOK HERE


keynote & stage



EnvironMENTALIST inspires a new way of thinking about the world and our role in it.

Both relatable and empowering, this show unpacks the thoughts and processes required to inspire positive change, demonstrated through mind-blowing tricks and experiences.

Sharp witted and brilliant, Adam's infectious humour and poetic style of speaking adds a profound layer to important topics such as
 Mental Health, Conservation & Sustainability.

This experience uses confounding, breathtaking moments to instil positive ideas.

Available as a 20 - 40 minute stage piece or 1 hour interactive workshop 



What do the innovators and pioneers of the world have in common? Their attitude to rules.  

RULEBREAKER is an impactful, innovative experience designed to alter the mindset of your guests.

A fully interactive journey through Social Media & A.I., Sustainability, Mental Health & Global Travel, RULEBREAKER destroys limiting beliefs, inspiring courageous new ways of thinking about the world and our role in it.

This can be tailored to include brands, messages and social media engagement.

Available as a 30, 40 or 60 minute piece. BOOK HERE


Want something personal? Adam's creativity is his most prized asset and he will work with you to create a unique show.




Will your event benefit by adding an engaging, memorable experience for your guests?

A natural socialite, Adam's presence commands attention. Sophisticated, fun and fully interactive, his roving performances transcend entertainment by bridging the gap between guest and host. 

This experience uses confounding, breathtaking moments to create lifelong memories
of your event.

Available in a time package to suit your needs. BOOK HERE