Inspiring Positive Change

Are you looking to inspire your employees or community to take more responsibility for their ecological impact in a fun, creative way?

Sustainable practices are more important now than ever. By working closely with over a dozen NSW Councils I use the engaging wonder of my performances to educate and encourage conscious practices. I also give out sustainable items, such as reusable straws and bamboo toothbrushes, in a magical way, arming people with the knowledge, motivation and tools to make an immediate change.

The playing cards I use are sustainably sourced, my clothing accessories are upcycled (belt and holsters made from recycled car tires) and even my bracelet is handmade from soda-can ring-pulls. Making a positive impact can be cool and contagious so I use that to our advantage.


keynote & stage


EnvironMENTALIST inspires a new way of thinking about Recycling, Conservation & Sustainability.

Carefully crafted from a decade of professional material, EnvironMENTALIST uses Magic & Mentalism to reconfigure our attitudes on perhaps the most important topic of all - the future of our planet.

This experience uses confounding, breathtaking moments to instil positive ideas.

Available as a 20, 30 or 40 minute stage piece or a Roving time to suit your needs.


The magic of posiTIVE CHANGE