I am Adam Axford
Magician, Poet, Creative Mind

For the past 10 years I've shared my gifts 
across the globe, from royalty and the world banks, to backpackers and those in need.

I discovered the real illusion is that we are all separate, and my purpose is to help dissolve these boundaries bringing us closer.

Magic is something we feel, which is why I guide you, the audience, out from the role of mere spectator and into that of a participant, as integral to the moment as the magician himself.

I'm not here to prove that magic is real, I'm here to show you that it can be.

Are You Watching Closely...?

Talk The Talk
Art is Earth's expression. For a decade I have mastered the craft of magic, filling two passports on a global discovery.  I learned that Magic transcends boundaries, overcomes language barriers, rejects social disparity and brings wonder to the lives of all who welcome it's allure.  Human history is laden with mystical men - Prophets, Shaman, Alchemists and Oracles - all of whom would "journey into the Other" and return with a sample of the impossible.  It's 2017 and I proudly carry this torch, because if the Artist cannot find the way, the way cannot be found.

Impromptu Street Magic (Vlog Cameo) [VIDEO]
Swiss Skateboarder & YouTuber Fabian Doerig featured me on his FabTRAV channel. Here's the excerpt.

Raw, Pure and Nothin' More [VIDEO]
Magic is an art-form I approach with passion. Taking it to the streets helps capture that raw, gritty inner-city feel, creating gems amid the rubble. Urban alchemy. 

Passing The Torch [VIDEO]
After raising $1000 in our local community, filmmaker Jesse Jaco and I brought the gift of magic to Sydney Children's Hospital in Randwick. Check out our inspiring piece from the day and be sure to share love with those who need it most. 

Explore the Uncharted
A craving for new discoveries fuels my journey, daring me to experiment with outrageous concepts and provocative content. Imagination is the densest of jungles.

The Mentalist [VIDEO]
Magic is an art with many genres. Mentalism is one of my favourites as it peels away the layers, dissolving our boundaries of secrecy. 

Throwback Jan '15 [VIDEO]
A few weeks after moving from London to Sydney I headed to Redfern Basketball Courts to meet some of my new community. Manu (screen left) is a hiphop artist who also pours his soul into his work. I've come a long way since then, thank you Sydney.