Some argue that magic is the world's oldest religion.  It's craft has been developed over thousands of years by shamans, alchemists, prophets and con-artists.  As an artform it has endured the test of time. Today it serves as a welcomed distraction from the world of reason, and a healthy challenge for our understandings of reality.

Corporate & Promo 

Office Events, Brand Promotion, Nightlife Entertainment


Add prestige to your event, elevate the experience of your guests, capture the imagination of your market.
Tailor made, personalised magic is availble upon request.

Social Events
Birthdays, House Parties,

Turn your party into a phenomenon with the freshest urban magic being brought to your door. Expect money manipulation, mind reading, impossible predictions and expert sleight of hand.


Wedding, Reception,
Guest Entertainment

Allow every guest to feel the magic of the day. Keep them fascinated during photo time, or entertained while awaiting the meal. Includes a beautiful and personal piece for the Bride & Groom with a souvenir they can keep.