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Wordsmith Magician

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In the crowd

Why hire a roving magician?

Gasps, screams and laughter ripple through the crowd as Adam moves between groups, engaging your guests with expert sleight of hand, mind-blowing mentalism and unforgettable magical experiments.

The perfect way to kick off your event, Adam's roving act creates a contagious excitement,
 helping to break the ice with a profound sense of wonder.

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Watch Adam at work


Adam dazzled and wowed our employees by drawing people into his world of wordsmith magic as he roved around our buildings. Adam is a master of his craft - thank you Adam and see you again soon

Google Sydney

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A note from Adam

"Roving is where it all began, half a lifetime ago. Since my first paid gig at a local school, I've found joy and purpose sharing magic across thousands of booking - from charity fundraisers to royal events. 

The power of these interactions still blows me away - sometimes they evoke laughter, sometimes silence and on a few occasions - tears (happy ones)

Helping others experience these
 emotions of awe & wonder has shown me what real magic is"


Adam is fantastic! I had him open our international conference - he involved everyone and created such a great vibe for the rest of our conference I instantly re-booked him for another event. I can't recommend him enough

Australian Diabetes Congress

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