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Magician & Wordsmith

Roving Magic

Close-up & interactive, my roving performance brings an unparalleled energy to the crowd.

Engaging guests with an abundance of astonishment, charisma, and mind-blowing moments, I work to set the stage for a truly successful event.



Not all entertainers are equal. How does one find the right person?

Book a performer who understands the nature of your event, tailoring their act accordingly.
By reflecting the qualities and values you wish to convey to your guests, the magic of your event will happen naturally.



It was brilliant, a real highlight! The magic was mind-bending and had everyone talking afterwards - what really resonated was how you truly embraced our messaging and your ability to weave it into your show.


The video below is a practice session filmed at my first Sydney magic residency, back in 2015.


Contemporary conjurer

Modern and relatable, my roving performance incorporates:

Magic with everyday items - coins, cards, iPhones, rings, pens, watches

Impossible predictions & coincidences

Reading thoughts & influencing behaviour

Analysing body language

Impressive displays of sleight of hand & misdirection

The occasional bit of slam poetry



Adam dazzled and wowed our employees by drawing people into his world of wordsmith magic as he roved around our buildings. Adam is a master of his craft - thank you Adam and see you again soon


A demonstration of verbal influence, filmed on the streets of Newtown.


An impromptu performance in Canggu Bali, and the reactions are wild!


My promise

When booked as your roving performer, I promise:

A respectful, thoughtful approach

Confident, natural interactions

Original material, polished to perfection

Sophisticated illusions that stand up to scrutiny

Compelling concepts & meaningful ideas

Sharp wit & good humour

An unquestionable level of experience

Fresh, vibrant, and sharply dressed

Guaranteed satisfaction & incredible feedback


And here's what
not to expect:

No Awkward approaches

No Cheesy jokes or tired one-liners

No Lame tricks

No Flimsy see-through methods

No Eye-roll moments

No Shabby suits or blazers

No Disappointments



Mosman Chamber

Thank you again for an inspiring evening. For the first time in months I actually slept through the night - work stress aside. You really relayed some powerful messages. What an amazing gift you have. Thank you.

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