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passing the torch

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prometheus stole fire from the gods to enlighten humanity with knowledge, arts and culture.

with an endless curiosity for new understandings and appreciating the notion
when one teaches, two learnAdam Axford hosts a selection of workshops and online training sessions for businesses and councils, sharing his unique perspective and approach
to communication

clean communication webinar

highly effective communication techniques

delivered in an interactive

60 minute webinar + illustrious 27 page e-book

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Extracting the meaning within one’s own mind and conveying that clearly and precisely to others has taken us from the caves to the cosmos in the blink of an eye,
but how can we make our own communication more effectual in this changing world?


Throughout a 20 year exploration of how language shapes our reality, Adam has become an

expert through experience.

From street market-trader to hypnotherapist, events entertainer to keynote speaker.
in this 60 minute webinar adam will
demonstrate and explain his proven 
to enhance the communication skills of your team.

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expert through

Adam's unique story leads the way


learn about Adam's purpose and why

he's more than a magician

"when you align your passion with what
the world needs, 
that's when you
discover your purpose"
- Adam 


in 2014 Adam moved from London to Sydney with
a purpose and challenge:
to support himself
only through the
pursuit of his passion.
no part time job. no side hustle. no plan b. the commitment remains to this day and the results are evident in his delivery.
timeless. effortless. excellence


from humble beginnings, Adam worked from age 12 as a market trader in multicultural east London, refining skills of coercion and influence.

a protege of his father - a retired firefighter turned piracy kingpin -

Adam broke away from dishonest dealings upon his father's imprisonment in 2006.

vowing to use his skills to create good in the world, Adam studied hypnotherapy and NLP, eventually coaching others through

their setbacks.


rekindling a childhood interest, his lifetime lessons in language, deception and human interaction gave birth to an integrated purpose - inspiring the world through magic.

adam's shows, talks, videos and performances have inspired thousands, leading to collaborations with ftse 100 companies, 15 local governments and international brands and events. 


on the stage
in the crowd

with a selection of packages available we are certain to find an impactful solution for your event entertainment requirements


dynamic stage presentations range between
15 and 60 minutes

immersive roving performances provide an
up-close, personal experience for your guests

making events spectacular

"Adam is more than a magician.
He is a creator of change"

lain tapsall
citizen of the year


“thank you, that was awesome!

the team are all saying what a great way to wrap the day it was. Thank you again”

Kimberly h, executive assistant


"that is the best piece of magic I have
ever witnessed.

#### that was good!"

stu gregor, founder
four pillars


“Thanks so much Adam, you are a real master.

the feedback has been absolutely fabulous with many of us still trying to figure out

how you do it!

thanks again, it was the most entertaining hour

in the day”

Janine e, senior manaGer


"honestly one of the most talented human beings I have ever met. he has a unique and authentic way to connect with any audience"

dan udall, md

oz party ltd