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I got a story to tell... (feb 2021)

virtual teaser (sep 2020)

bring the team together

engaging, mind-blowing and fully interactive, Adam Axford brings his professional magic & mentalism show to your device

proving that distance can still be social,
Adam Axford's virtual shows can connect up to 1000 guests across multiple timezones

these carefully refined shows use a professional setup and encourage audience participation, bridging the gap through platforms such as zoom, Webex and teams 

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businesses, councils, families, birthdays


check out these clips from live shows

(July 2020)

how does magic work online?

with an energetic tempo and intriguing content,
Adam Axford fuses visual illusions, stunning displays of influence and impossible predictions into an action packed, captivating experience.

group decisions and collective audience input
all contribute to an
shared journey through mind,
time and distance

Feedback from


“Thanks so much Adam, you are a real master.

the feedback has been absolutely fabulous with many of us still trying to figure out

how you do it!

thanks again, it was the most entertaining hour

in the day”

Janine e, senior manaGer


Feedback from


“thank you, that was awesome!

the team are all saying what a great way to wrap the day it was. Thank you again”

Kimberly h, executive assistant 


Frequently asked questions

Do I need a zoom account to book a show?

- no! Adam can send you a link to join the meeting from the browser on your pc, tablet or phone

what if our company doesn't allow zoom?

-not a problem! the show has been a great success on other platforms such as teams, Webex

and hangout

do I need a webcam to join?

- a webcam isn’t necessary to watch the show, but if you wish to participate Adam will need

to see you

is it family friendly?

- yes. Although the content and ideas can be sophisticated, the experience will be

enjoyed by all ages