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The Wordsmith

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Experience the virtually impossible

My name's Adam Axford and I create incredible moments that feel like real magic.

When the world went virtual in 2020 we all needed a little more joy in our lives - so I put my skills and charisma to the test. 

By 2021 my virtual magic show show was a global success, reaching thousands of screens across the globe!

I became Australia's #1 virtual performer.

Now I'm back with a brand new mind blowing virtual session that promises to reignite the magic of connection.

You are going to love it - and I can't wait to meet you on screen.


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We are Interconnected

Interconnected is the interactive virtual session connecting people across the ether.

Reignite the magic of teamwork and transcend into a world of interlaced decisions, interlinked experience and interwoven memories.

Experiments, riddles and impossible illusions are just part of this mind-blowing online show.

Take home wordsmith tips and cheeky tricks you can weave into your next meeting, along with a newfound perspective on the magic of language.

Through word, wonder and the worldwide web, we are Interconnected.

Run time ≤ 50mins. All time-zones welcome.

Enquire here


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How do bookings work?

Interconnected is a private session for your network - all you need to do is share the link.

Ahead of the session we will organise a short briefing call to meet on screen, test out the link, and fine-tune the details of your booking.

Interconnected is compatible with all virtual platforms.

Located in Sydney, we aim to accommodate all international time-zones.

Card payments made safe via PayPal payment portal.

Run time approx 50 minutes with custom times available.



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