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Magician & Wordsmith

Talks & Workshops

My expertise follows two main themes - wonder & wordplay.

Shows & presentations explore profound concepts in an uplifting, relatable way, conveying powerful lessons and valuable take-aways under the guise of entertainment.

Each mind-blowing session promises to inspire new perspectives on life & language.



Mosman Chamber

Thank you again for an inspiring evening. For the first time in months I actually slept through the night - work stress aside. You really relayed some powerful messages. What an amazing gift you have. Thank you.

Prepare to be Awestruck

Designed as the perfect conference closer or post dinner experience, Awestruck creates a genuine sense of magic that lasts way beyond the session.

This is my legacy piece - a captivating, emotive journey through six ideas that serve as fresh lenses, allowing us to perceive the abundance of magic in our world. 

Prepare to be awestruck.

Keynote Show: 45 mins | Workshop: 90 mins


Awestruck poster.JPG

Magic Words

The right words delivered in the correct way can make anything happen.

Magic Words is an unveiling of beautifully devious secrets acquired across my career journey.

In this session we learn how to leverage the many loopholes of language to effectively read others, influence decisions, and communicate with ourselves.

Hack reality by harnessing the magic of your words.

Keynote Show: 45 mins | Workshop: 90 mins


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It was brilliant, a real highlight! The magic was mind-bending and had everyone talking afterwards - what really resonated was how you truly embraced our messaging and your ability to weave it into your show.


Poetry Slam Winner

Placing 1st at my first ever poetry slam. How poetic is that?
Enjoy my piece titled "Magic Words"

Conference Closer

Closing off my set at another incredible conference with NECA.


What makes Adam so great & captivating is the gift he has with words & communication. That last piece was simply mesmerising! He also has this wonderful combination of confidence & humility. That's the magic.

NECA Awards

Courage & Vulnerability

The cave we fear holds the treasure we seek.

Digital Distractions

Ever wish you could just... log off...?

Bookings & Enquiries

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Adam is the best conference entertainer we have had in over 20 years. He kept us mesmerised before, during and after the dinner. Thank you Adam.

IECA Conference

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