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Magician & Wordsmith


Who is Adam Axford?

Hi, I'm Adam - a reformed rulebreaker with a passion for life and a wicked sense of humour.

I'm playful, provocative and pretty profound. Ideas are my obsession. 

As a teen I worked with my dad on a street market stall in East London. The attitude towards rules can be a little unconventional in these environments - an ideal training ground for a budding trickster. To my mum's disarray, much was learned.

When I was 20, dad was convicted of piracy and sentenced to prison. In his absence, I ran the family business and was faced with the harsh realities of breaking the rules.

This was the catalyst for my transformation, directing all of this devious creativity into something positive & honest. It was time to become a magician.

My first paid magic gig was at a local school for children with special needs. My mate's mum was a dinner lady - she took me through to every class sharing tricks along the way. Seeing the impact I could make confirmed I was on the right path.

By age 23 I found success as an NLP hypnotherapist, embodying the magical properties of words and language. 

In 2014 I moved from London to Sydney, going from bar to bar, venue to venue, humbly seeking a space to share my talents.

I have a deep love for wordplay, finding inspiration in lyricists, poets and legendary speakers. 

Now I've carved out my lane as an elite performer, and the hustle continues.

My sights are set on infiltrating events worldwide, inspiring impactful change for all in attendance.

Check out my origin story below, performed at the wonderful event Stories that Stir.

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