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Wordsmith Magician

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Raised in London, Adam grew up in an entrepreneurial home and worked as a street-market trader throughout childhood. These formative years nurtured an innate ability to connect with others and command a crowd.

In early adulthood Adam trained in NLP and worked as a hypnotherapist, fusing a love for words and the desire to help others. 

In 2007 these puzzle pieces formed, turning a lifelong hobby into a full-time endeavour - a career in entertainment.

Adam's creativity has continued to thrive, solidifying him as one of Australia's most exciting prospective talents.

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As we speak
we create

At the core of Adam's philosophy is a single idea - our words shape our reality. This understanding ripples through performance, illusion, videos and working relationships, driving home a valuable message which is often overlooked.

Each and every one of us possess the magic to transform our lives. Adam strives to show us how to use this power.

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Adam Axford is an EnvironMENTALIST, bringing focus to important messaging through magic, mentalism and wordplay.

Themes of sustainability, conservation & mental health make appearances in Adam's work. Collaborations with councils, charities and initiatives have allowed for a deeper kind of magic to reach our communities.

If you wish to highlight a purpose or message during your event, please let us know.