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The Wordsmith


Who is the Wordsmith?

Words are magic - and I'm the one who can prove it.

As a kid I worked on a street market stall in East London with my dad. The attitude towards rules can be a little slack in these environments, making them the ideal proving ground for a budding trickster. Much was learned.

By age 23 my verbal dexterity found success as an NLP hypnotherapist, unveiling the magical transformative properties of words and language.

The transition to performer was seamless and natural - I'd been commanding a crowd since my days on a market stall, and it turns out I'm pretty good at sleight of hand too.

Throughout this journey my soundtrack was poetry. From the intricate rhymes of golden-era hiphop lyricism, to the resonating inspiration of speeches from legends, all I wanted to hear was gifted oration and slick wordplay.

In 2014 I moved from London to Sydney, going from bar to bar, venue to venue, humbly seeking a space to share my gifts.

Now I've carved out my lane as an elite performer, and the hustle continues.

My sites are set on infiltrating events worldwide, inspiring impactful change for all in attendance.

Here I am performing my origin story at the wonderful event Stories that Stir.

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