Finale Piece

A perfect way to close to an appearance, the Finale Piece is a 15-20 minute casual stage show designed to follow a "Roving" booking.  With the potential to integrate products and branding, the Finale Piece aligns seamlessly with the message of your event.  The short timeframe allows for a punchy, impactful highlight without disrupting the flow of the evening.  Each phase of the show calls for volunteers, leading to an impossible "Finale".

“Adam put on an exceptional performance at our staff party. He really bought a touch of magic to the atmosphere keeping everyone’s spirits high with incredible performances that blew everyone’s minds. I would highly recommend Adam for group events, he was professional, friendly, and has a great sense of humour. We will definitely be using him again after that magical afternoon we spent with him.” - Seafolly


A deconstruction of LIFE, CULTURE & TECHNOLOGY from the mind of Magician & Wordsmith Adam Axford

“After the most chaotic year of my life I’ve decided to celebrate the one thing that’s got me this far - BREAKING RULES. This show is a raw representation of 21st century living, from recycling to social media, self defence to spirituality. You WILL leave inspired. Mindf*cked...but inspired” 

Developed in pieces over 12 years and curated as a full length show in just 3 weeks, RULEBREAKER is a personal, relatable insight into the rules that influence our lives. Raw and honest, this show debuted on December 11th 2018 to a sell out intimate crowd of 50 in a secret warehouse location using the fuselage of an old plane as a stage. All proceeds were donated to assist refugees here in Sydney via Asylum Seekers Centre (in true Rule-breaking fashion). Now the show is available for private booking, with a customisable runtime between 30 & 80 minutes.

“That is THE BEST piece of magic I have EVER seen… @#$% that’s good!”
- Stu Gregor, Founder of Four Pillars

Trash 2 Treasure

Working alongside councils in NSW, Trash 2 Treasure injects elements of fun, mystery and "cool" into the challenging topic of sustainability and recycling. Inspired by the popularity of a social video which Adam created, magically recycling trash from a beach cleanup into sustainable alternatives, this show expands on the choices we can make through a blend of interact mind-reading, predictions and visual magic. Run time 20-30mins.

Council Collaborations so far include Parramatta, North Sydney, Willoughby, Lane Cove, Burwood, Bathurst, Shoalhaven

Ghetto Shaman

Deigned from scratch for the Melbourne Magic Festival 2018, Ghetto Shaman is a highly innovative approach to magic.  Picture a TED Talk with attitude, this 55 minute journey pushes insightful philosophy and contemporary ideas through Magic, Mind Reading & Spoken Word Poetry.  

Themed on futurism, sustainability and the human experience, Ghetto Shaman is an inspirational miracle far beyond its time. 

"Adam Axford himself is an extremely relaxed performer, which I found refreshing. I could feel the intimate audience relax just that little bit more given Adam’s ‘chilled out’ demeanour, and at most points in the show it felt like we were all on a special journey together which was lovely. Regularly dispersed between pieces of magic was Adam’s talent with wordsmithing / poetry. Reading this, it may not be apparent how well matched the word wizardry and magic sorcery was weaved together to make a great show but rest assured that is what occurred...even after watching 500 magic shows in total, I’ve never seen a magic show presented quite like this one!

VERDICT: A “must watch” if you’re looking for a magic show with a difference! Be prepared to be surprised and to expand your mind (reading topics!)."
- Review Excerpt -


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Ghetto shaman:
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