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Magician & Wordsmith

Transforming events with magical entertainment


Some recent projects

Live broadcast with MFAA


Adam, I had no idea what to expect today...
That was OUTSTANDING. Unbelievably good.

We are locking you in for 2022.


MFAA Conference

On stage at the MCA

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It was brilliant, a real highlight! The magic was mind-bending and had everyone talking afterwards - what really resonated was how you truly embraced our messaging and your ability to weave it into your show.

Woolworths Leaders

Weaving words & making magic

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Some highlights

Travel Channel episodes

What Adam does

Adam Axford engages audiences worldwide, transforming each event into an unforgettable experience. Working with you to enhance your corporate celebration, conference or private function, our team do all we can to ensure the impact is truly felt by all.

A unique and natural performer, Adam combines illusion, psychology & wordplay, creating impossible moments which transcend magical entertainment.

Specialising in quality events, Adam delivers impactful stage shows, mind-blowing roving acts and highly interactive virtual performances.  

Book now and transform your event. Your guests are our priority.

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A guaranteed highlight of the conference or celebration, Adam's stage show is a breath of fresh air for your guests and inspiring throughout, building to a killer crescendo.

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Australia's most celebrated virtual offering, Adam's online show will connect your team on a highly interactive journey towards the virtually impossible.

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A personal magic experience for every guest, Adam will share close-up miracles and group experiments, ensuring your event is an
unforgettable success.

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What people are saying


Sarah, Amazon

Adam provided a thrilling end to our startup kick-off. A refreshing virtual experience, this was our team's highlight of the year!
Pure magic!


We've never seen anything
like it, that was

Karen, Citigroup


Janine, AMP

Thanks so much Adam, you are a real master. The feedback has been absolutely fabulous.

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As we speak
we create

At the core of Adam's philosophy is a single idea - our words shape our reality. This understanding ripples through performance, illusion, videos and working relationships, driving home a valuable message which is often overlooked.

Each and every one of us possess the magic to transform our lives. Adam strives to show us how to use this power.


Hacking the mind with words

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Adam Axford is an EnvironMENTALIST, bringing focus to important messaging through magic, mentalism and wordplay.

Themes of sustainability, conservation & mental health make appearances in Adam's work. Collaborations with councils, charities and initiatives have allowed for a deeper kind of magic to reach our communities.

If you wish to highlight a purpose or message during your event, please let us know.


Lain Tapsall, Environmental Citizen of the Year

Adam is much more than a magician - he is a creator of change


I have been inundated with messages from our team saying how much they enjoyed Adam's show and how surprised they were at his magic

Jazz, Tradeflex

Enter the stage

Quality stage entertainment connects the room through a shared experience.

The perfect way to open or close your event, Adam's interactive stage show will inspire and mystify your attendees - ensuring your event is remembered for a lifetime.

Each stage presentation is specialised to your event.

Expect magical souvenirs, a secret package and custom-filmed video clips (venue permitting), building to a truly impossible finale which connects the room for an unforgettable moment in time.

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Stage option: The magic of words

Designed for conference and education. 30 to 45 mins

The Magic of Words is a mind-blowing, educational show/presentation which explores how language shapes our mindset, relationships and environment.

Interactive and engaging throughout, Adam demonstrates how the words in which we speak and think have a magical ability to transform our lives and the world around us.

Find out more about The Magic of Words 



Stage option: EnvironMENTALIST

Designed for conference and education. 30 to 45 mins

Q: Whats the greatest magic trick we could achieve by working together?
A: Saving the planet!

EnvironMENTALIST sheds a vibrant light on the power and potential our communities possess, exploring ways we can transform the world and our place in it.

Positive, relatable and packed with refreshing perspectives, EnvironMENTALIST inspires us to connect in new ways as we build a better future.

Speak with us about this 



Roving magic

Roving entertainment creates a contagious excitement among the crowd.

The perfect way to kick off your event, Adam will connect with your guests in groups ensuring everyone feels
seen and welcomed - all whilst helping to break the ice with magic, mentalism and a profound sense of wonder.

Raised in London, Adam worked from a child in the family business as a street-market trader, developing a natural presence when commanding a crowd. The centre of the action is Adam's comfort zone and your guests are his priority.

Roving alternative: The casual show

Designed for the office or home. 30 to 45 mins

With an ever-increasing challenge when it comes to hosting large events, a smaller crowd allows for a more intimate celebration.

Created for groups of 10 to 30 or so, The Casual Show delivers a mind-blowing fusion of Adam's signature stage experiments and close-up miracles.

Expect an array of psychological illusions, secret packages, magical souvenirs and group experiments - building to an impossible finale.

Contact us to find out more 



Virtually impossible


Celebrated internationally by the teams at Google, Amazon, Microsoft and hundreds more, Adam's fully interactive online show bridges the gap in these virtual times.

Mind-blowing, poignant and sharp witted, 
VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE is constantly evolving and has been enjoyed through tens of thousands of screens.

Discover the story behind the show's success here

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• Highly interactive group experience
• Connecting colleagues and clients internationally
• Mind-blowing tricks and captivating themes (family friendly)
• Secret mail-out packages and bespoke video to help promote the session
• Professional studio setup & high-speed data
• Countless glowing reviews


That was bar none the best event we've hosted since things went virtual! You are super talented!

Jeff, NICE


Gisela, Ernst & Young

Just want to formally say a massive thank you again for such a spectacular show! On behalf of the Ernst & Young team we were all magically astonished and fascinated by your incredible talents.  This really was something different and helped connect our colleagues during these virtual times

Australian Diabetes Congress

Adam is fantastic! I had him open our international conference - he involved everyone and created such a great vibe for the rest of our conference I instantly re-booked him for another event. I can't recommend him enough


Video footage & projects

An exploration of magic and language.
For bespoke projects, promotional campaigns and collaborations, please get in touch.

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